Signature Sites

I started Intrit Signature Sites in 1998 not as a commercial venture, but to explore a new medium. I was a practicing artist and programmer, and the internet was really brand new at the time, and I still remember the first television advertisement for a shoe manufacturer that included a link to its website. That was in 1994.

Intrit started out as visskiss virtual. Visskiss was my alias at the time. I produced my very first site, The London Drawing classes, in 1998. The site used the latest web standards and people could navigate the site by clicking different figures on a drawing.

Since then, LDC has undergone no less than six major transformations and is now the top hit on Google if you search for Drawing Classes. It allows people to register on the site, upload drawings, announce their classes, accept payments and reservations, and will soon be expanded to include other major cities around the world.

So what's the point? I treat every site I make just as I would treat a work of art: I use the latest technology, cutting edge styles, and I try to make it as inviting and intuitive as possible.

Since then, I have of course taken on several clients around the world who demand the most from their sites. I have never indulged by forcing my clients to learn anything new about the web so they can enjoy and maintain their sites. Quite the contrary, I give them the tools that I use myself to make administrative tasks easier.

I have also slowly taken on the help of trusted freelancers who are themselves exceptional in their fields, either cutting edge designers, branding specialists, or programmers.

I cater to all my clients personally and not only produce the sites they want, but also the sites they didn't know they wanted. That's why they're called signature sites, and they bear the intrit seal.

Daniel Kanaan

Intrit Founder